追求你的激情. 卓越的经验. 发现威尼斯人网上娱乐.

Drake 人力资源 is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to prospective, 当前的, 退休员工和我们的 惊人的学生工作者. 我们提供广泛的服务和支持, including talent acquisition and talent man年龄ment; classification and compensation; benefits and perks; employee and labor relations; staff recognition; and training and development.

考虑在威尼斯人网上娱乐工作?  Join our 多样化的 and talented community united for good – the good of our 学生s and each other.  Enjoy our robust benefits pack年龄 that includes not only affordable health, 牙科和视力保险及其他福利, 而且在寒假期间也延长了假期, 学费减免和交换, 还有竞争性的休假时间.  

探索当前 就业机会 在威尼斯人网上娱乐!


有兴趣成为斗牛犬?! 你来对地方了! Drake is a wonderful place to work—with a lovely campus, 神奇的人, 极大的好处, 还有更多. 





如果你对求职有任何疑问, 在威尼斯人网上娱乐工作, 威尼斯人网上娱乐的好处, 与我们联系 jobs@bychilun.com. 我们很乐意回答您的问题!

现有员工 & 新员工

Current and newly hired employees can access Drake HR’s intranet site by logging into myDrake. The HR tile is shown on the horizontal tiles between Campus Directory and Internal Sites. 找不到你需要的东西? 电邮至 drakehr@bychilun.com,我们会帮你的!


Retirees can access information about retiree benefits, life insurance, retirement plans at 退休福利. If you have questions, feel free to contact us at drakehr@bychilun.com.


所有的学生就业工作都是通过 握手. Whether you are a 当前的 or future Drake 学生, 如果你有校园就业问题, 请电子邮件  学生.employment@bychilun.com. 我们很乐意帮助你找到校园工作! 

合规的帖子 & 关键政策

No Surprises Act - NSA Legal Notice for Health Plan Members (July 1, 2022)

The No Surprises Act (NSA) requires the posting of a notice explaining member rights regarding surprise medical billing when you see a provider or visit a healthcare facility that is not in our health plan network as it relates to Emergency Services or certain services at an In-Network Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center. 

点击这里查看完整的公告: Your Rights and Protections Against Surprise Medical Bills

The NSA contains a Transparency in Cover年龄 Rule (TCR). The TCR requires self-funded groups and insurers to make two machine-readable files (MRFs) publicly available beginning July 1, 2022, including in-network allowed amount and out-of-network allowed amount, 如果适用的话, 基于阈值要求. Effective July 1, 2022, Drake’s MRFs will be accessible 在这里.


When using a third party provider to conduct background checks 威尼斯人网上娱乐 must comply with the 公平信用报告法.

The FCRA is the federal law that governs the acquisition and use of most background information on applicants and employees. Although it is lawful for employers to obtain and use background information on applicants and employees, they must follow several important procedures when obtaining and using these materials. 根据FCRA的定义, consumer reports prepared by a consumer reporting 年龄ncy that bear on an applicant's or employee's credit worthiness, 信誉, 信贷能力, 字符, 一般的声誉, 个人特征, 或者生活方式, 当使用这些信息时, 或期望被使用, or collected in whole or in part for "employment purposes." Almost any communication of information concerning an applicant for employee from a consumer reporting 年龄ncy to an employer would potentially be a consumer report. Common examples of consumer reports include Department of Motor Vehicle record checks, 犯罪背景调查, 信用记录检查, when this information is obtained from a consumer reporting 年龄ncy.



 While 威尼斯人网上娱乐 has a range of policies and procedures in place, below are many of the key policies that help protect the health and safety of our campus constituents:

适用于申请人和潜在雇员, if you have questions about any of 威尼斯人网上娱乐’s policies or procedures, 请通过以下方式与我们联系 jobs@bychilun.com. 我们很乐意回答您的问题.



感谢你对威尼斯人网上娱乐的兴趣! 威尼斯人网上娱乐人力资源寻求提供提示, 有爱心的, and consistent services that support Drake’s efforts to recruit and retain a highly qualified and 多样化的 workforce.


Old Main, 319
得梅因,IA 50311


求职者/申请人查询: jobs@bychilun.com 
学生就业: 学生.employment@bychilun.com 
核实受雇情况 (需要签署员工授权书): drakehr@bychilun.com                                                                                      一般人力资源问题: drakehr@bychilun.com 
电话: 515-271-3133


Drake 人力资源 is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. 我们的办公室不开门 大学放假和停课.

多样性、股票、 & 纳入威尼斯人网上娱乐:
威尼斯人网上娱乐, we don’t just accept differences—we celebrate them, 我们支持他们, and we thrive on them for the benefit of our 学生s, 我们的员工, 我们的社区. 威尼斯人网上娱乐 is proud to support an equal opportunity, 多样化的, 包容, 温馨的工作场所. In fact, the celebration of diversity and inclusion are embedded in our 核心价值观. 了解更多关于我们DEI的承诺和努力 在这里.

We welcome applicants of 多样化的 backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. If you are a member of a socially or historically underrepresented or marginalized group or you have actively demonstrated a commitment to diversity and inclusion, 我们强烈建议你申请. If you are a member of one of the equity groups identified by applicable law, 我们鼓励你自我认同, 网上申请系统中有什么要求.

威尼斯人网上娱乐 is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodations in its services, 项目, 活动, 教育, 残疾人就业. If you would benefit from an accommodation at any point in the recruitment process (including using our online application process), 请联系威尼斯人网上娱乐人力资源(ph: 515).271.3133; e: jobs@bychilun.com),并告诉我们如何为您提供帮助.

威尼斯人网上娱乐, we highly value a 多样化的, 包容 workforce. 我们很自豪能成为一个机会均等的雇主. We stand firmly against discrimination including on the basis of race, color, 国家的起源, 信条, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 性, 怀孕, 性别认同, 性别表达, 性取向, 遗传信息, 资深地位, 或任何受法律保护的特征.